Secrets In SEO That Can Build Your Traffic


Getting a high ranking on Google entails hard work and planning.

It’s a good thing there are SEO secrets that can help grow your organic traffic to your website. Let’s get into what these secrets in SEO are.

Search engine optimization is all about giving relevant search results to users who do online searches via search engines. The most relevant pages always end up in the top results in searches.

SEO experts know the importance of having the right strategy in place so that website visibility will increase. Basic guidelines should be followed and we these secrets with you.

Adjust To Google Algorithms

Google keeps on coming up with updates that change their algorithm. The problem is they don’t always announce if a change is going to be made. You should be updated when it comes to these changes so that you can adjust your strategies accordingly. Moz has a Google algorithm change history that will assist you in knowing about the changes. You can also go directly to the Google Webmaster Central tool for your research.

SSL Encryption

Another useful secret tool is SSL Encryption. This was introduced back in 2014 and has grown popular ever since. Also known as the “HTTPS” in your URL, this step gives added security to your website. It also gives an assurance to your site visitors that their data will be safe when they browse your website. You should activate an SSL Encryption especially if you have an online store that requires users to enter data like their username, password and credit card information in order to complete a transaction. Activation is simple, you can just avail of the service from your web hosting provider. Search engines give preference to sites with SSL encryptions over those who don’t have them.

Meta And TItle Tags

Title tags and meta descriptions should follow certain guidelines as well. Title tags should be less than 60 characters because Google will cut information if it goes over 60. Your title informs search engines what your content is about, you should place keywords that match your content but don’t stuff it with too many. Well thought of and planned keywords will attract more visitors to your website. Google shows snippets and previews that highlight your title and meta description. You can go up to 160 characters with your meta description, but not any longer than that. Title tags and meta descriptions that have a call to action phrases help improve click-through rates for your website over the competition.

Use H1 Tags

Some may think that an H1 tag is just another piece of bold text that is used as a heading. This is another important aspect of your SEO efforts. It sets the tone for the content that will follow. H1 tags should be used at the top of the web pages in order to introduce your content. It must contain a keyword that is relevant to your website.

Avoid 404 Error Pages

Having links to other websites or pages within your website are normal. The problem is there are times when the page you are linked to is no longer available or temporarily taken down. If this occurs, site visitors land on a 404 error page. You should do regular checks for live links on your website. You can simply change the links to other high authority sources if the pages are no longer available. Design a page for your website that will show a 404 error. It is better to for visitors to land on this page instead of an empty page.


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