Celebrating 10 Years Of Claro!

Award-Winning Rapid Authoring Tool Celebrates 10th Anniversary

dominknow is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Claro, its award-winning web-based rapid authoring tool. In 2011 Claro was an industry-leading innovation. When many authoring tools were promising “mobile support”, dominKnow truly delivered it with Claro. As one of the first all-HTML5 authoring tools – dropping Flash – Claro content worked across iOS and Android devices and even on Blackberry and Palm OS, with no surprises.

Releasing Claro in 2011 is only one of dominKnow’s many industry-leading innovations in our almost 25 years in eLearning.

Starting with our launch of one of the industry’s first Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) in 2002 to the present, dominKnow has a history of innovation:

  •  In 2012 we added xAPI support to Claro, adopting the standard while it was still in development and known as Tin Can API.

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