How To Accurately Calculate The Budget Of Your Rapid eLearning Content Development

Tips To Calculate A Spot-On Budget For Rapid eLearning Content Development

Many organizations choose rapid eLearning content development because it doesn’t put a strain on their L&D expense sheet. That said, it still costs money, not to mention time and energy, even if you’re reusing archived resources or already own a rapid eLearning authoring tool. There’s still payroll and content upkeep to consider, among other things. Fortunately, this budgeting checklist can help you create an accurate rapid eLearning design budget for your team. It even includes those pesky hidden fees that everyone seems to forget about.

Checklist To Calculate The Budget For Rapid eLearning Content Development

1. Take Stock Of Existing Assets

A big part of rapid eLearning design is reusing what you already have, whether it’s a rapid authoring tool with an amazing asset library or resources in your online training repository.

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