What Role Does Empathy Mapping Play In Enhancing The Learner Experience?

What Are The Benefits Of Empathy Maps On Learner Experience?

When it comes to human interaction, empathy is a fundamental interpersonal skill. It allows us to understand other people’s perspectives, needs, and emotions so that we can modify our communication techniques accordingly. Unsurprisingly, empathy is a valuable tool when it comes to designing learner experiences, too. Specifically, eLearning professionals have started utilizing empathy maps, a tool that was originally developed for design thinking, to better understand learner needs and preferences. In this article, we will look into the structure of empathy maps as well as 6 of the benefits they carry for learner experience.

What Is An Empathy Map?

Empathy maps are visual representations of the thoughts, feelings, actions, aspirations, etc., of a user or, in our case, a learner.

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