Retooling Instructional Design

It was the subject line of an email from Elliot Masie’s newsletter. That’s when I first read the words, retooling instructional design. The phrase kicked my imagination into high gear. It aptly expresses the transformation of the last decade in Learning and Development.

Retooling instructional design captures the idea that as an industry, as a service and as a field, learning experience designers have been preparing for the next decade. Even if we didn’t know it. We’ve worked toward making our services more useful and suitable for the modern workplace. We’ve equipped ourselves with new or adapted tools and techniques and current best practices.

If leaders will support our new path—or at least step out of the way—we can discard outdated strategies, policies and mindsets that prevent people from innovating. It’s time to let the forward-thinking learning professionals lead the way. Click Here To Read More […]