How To Capture Tacit Knowledge To Your Company’s Advantage

Why Businesses Should Focus On Tacit Knowledge

Have you ever been in a scenario with your boss, asking them a question about how they did a comprehensive task smoothly, and then they explained it to you in a vague way? This might be tacit knowledge happening in action. I don’t know about you, but this kind of scenario always happened in my workplace. Even with me, when someone asks me how I did something quickly that I’ve done for many years, I found it hard to explain, and it all comes down to the collective knowledge I had from my previous experiences.

We may find ourselves incompetent at explaining things or training someone who’s behind us on several levels, but if you’re aware of tacit knowledge, you will understand this know-how and vague answers. This may be the reason that people say, “experts have a hard time teaching and transferring their knowledge to beginners.

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