How My Design Thinking Experience Created an Effective Training Program for Experiential Learning Using VR Tech

Onboarding Hell To CoDesign Nirvana

Dear Diary: Next Time I Hear The Words “Experiential Learning,” I’m Using One Of My Sick Days

Dulintex day 5. More onboarding. Predictably horrible. Today’s exceptionally painful activity was role plays. The semi-patient facilitator explained this is “experiential learning.” Apparently that means that we learn by doing something. Get matched with a frighteningly cheerful man—Bob—who’s playing the angry customer. (I’m playing me. Tip if you’re playing me: slouch more and look indifferent.) The not-as-patient-now facilitator keeps trying to get Bob to be more frustrated, which makes him sweat profusely. We officially arrive at the first circle of hell. Learn by doing…more like, what the heck am I doing here and can I please, please check Insta?

Dear Diary: I Could Really Use Some Actually Good Experiential Learning Up In Here

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