Design for Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processing

In order to design for the human mind, it’s helpful to understand how attention guides a person to perceive and then comprehend information while learning. Outside of research circles, one under discussed phenomenon is bottom-up and top-down processing. The theory provides an insightful look at how the brain works and how we can apply this to learning and visual design. It starts during perception.

Remember Psych 101?

In your first psychology or biology class, you probably learned that perception is becoming aware of something through the senses. The Encyclopedia of Perception defines it like this, “Perception comprises an integration of top-down and bottom-up information, with their relative importance determined as a function of the available sensory information, the task at hand, the perceiver’s goals, and past experiences.” These ideas become more clear if you look at each type of processing. Click Here To Read More […]

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