Check Out These Small Learning and Development Conferences

As you look for ways to develop your personal learning network, don’t overlook small conferences and events. In the past few years, small conferences for Learning and Development professionals have been sprouting up all over the world.

Although larger events have many advantages, small conferences may provide unique opportunities that you may not find at larger ones. Due to the intimate environment, attendees may feel more relaxed and more likely to converse with each other and the speakers. Also, small conferences may be able to innovate because of their size. They are usually less expensive to attend, often run for a shorter time and regional ones reduce the expense of travel.

So, here is a list of established small conferences. Many attract 100-150 attendees, though some are larger. Also, most of the events listed here have been around for more than one year. I hope this list provides new learning and sharing opportunities for you.

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