7 eLearning Storyboard Mistakes That Slow Down Online Training Development

Mistakes To Avoid In eLearning Storyboards

An eLearning storyboard speaks for itself. An Instructional Designer can take one look at it and immediately know what’s intended and how to achieve the learning objectives. Even if they’ve never spoken to the collaborators or explored the subject matter before. Visuals, placeholders, and carefully crafted notes guide their way. On the other hand, a poorly executed eLearning storyboard has the opposite effect. IDs are left to wonder about the desired outcomes and overarching themes. They must determine if the SME “meant” this or “assumed” that. Which mistakes should you avoid in order to give your eLearning team a head start instead of slowing down their progress?

7 eLearning Storyboard Errors To Steer Clear Of

1. Not Using An eLearning Template

eLearning templates are there to save time and cut costs.

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