6 eLearning eBook Hidden Gems To Help You Immerse And Inspire Your Remote Learners

eLearning eBooks To Check Out From Our Virtual Library Today

Looking for ways to enhance immersion in online training? Need some tips to implement gamification in your strategy? These guides have the information you’re looking for. This edition is all about ELB Learning eBooks, which kicks off our new series of hidden gems articles that showcase some of the top authors from our virtual library.

Learn, Play, Repeat: Using Games For Spaced Learning

No matter how engaged learners are, they tend to forget what they learned over time—known as the “forgetting curve.” However, by leveraging training games in repetitive, short, spaced-out sessions, you can boost recall and minimize knowledge loss.

VRoom: Getting Started With VR For Training 

Did you know that VR can get better results than traditional eLearning? From higher retention to improved muscle memory, there are dozens of reasons to embrace VR.

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