15 Sources for Free Stock Videos

Using Free Stock Video Clips

Let’s get on with the bad news first. Free stock videos are most likely not going to provide the instructional content you need. And if you are looking for footage of people, many of the free stock video collections do not provide sufficient diversity. Also, you may not find the video resolution you need. On the other hand, free stock video clips are awesome.

The good news is that there are many creative uses for stock footage. You can insert the clip in a video you are constructing or in eLearning or a website to gain attention, add interest and to make your product more appealing to users. You can use stock footage as B-roll (alternate footage) while a talking head drones on. You might want it as a background for a quote or opening text. Perhaps you can use a clip as an intro or interlude to stories, as a metaphors with a voice over, for social media or in a video loop for whatever purpose.

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