10 Ways to Work Smarter Next Year

Learning professionals often wear many hats, from client interface and management to design and development. It can make you feel like you’re drowning in work. Working smarter not harder is an elusive goal, but one worth trying to achieve.

What does working smarter mean for you? Do you want a better work-life balance? Are you seeking to improve your ability to focus? Do you want time to work on new skills? Whatever your reasons, here are working smarter tips I’ve gathered from books, podcasts and articles that I come across.

1. Take a Personal Retreat

Many productivity gurus say it is imperative to take a short annual retreat. It is the best way to reflect on your priorities and to determine what you want to pursue in the coming year. Do this retreat in solitude and offline, using analog tools only (paper and pencil, that is). Although you may not be in a situation where you are able to get away, perhaps you can do this in one long day. Click Here To Read More […]