Where Is Your Organization In Its Learning Analytics Journey? Here Are Your Map And Compass

The Learning Analytics Journey: How To Chart Your Course

Where are you in your learning analytics journey? The way we measure learning impact—or, more often, don’t—is a long-standing source of debate in L&D, and too often it becomes a circular argument. A plethora of evaluation models tell us that we ought to do A, B, C, & D, but the constraints of time and budget mean that we don’t even get to A.  And so it continues. Every year a new model. Every year a renewed cry for us to evaluate more rigorously. Followed by a lack of significant change. It’s like an endless loop we seem to navigate without ever finding an exit.

Meanwhile, the world has moved on. Data is ubiquitous and often instantly available, the fuel for artificial intelligence powering the next wave of automation in business and life.

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