Using the Think Aloud Protocol to Test Usability of Learning Designs

Usability testing is missing from the traditional instructional design process. But not having a way to find problems is a problem. We need to make sure that eLearning courses, learning portals, online performance support, chatbots and other digital products aren’t obstacles to learning. The think aloud method is perhaps the best way to discover problems with the user interface, navigation, layout, and instructions.

What is the Think Aloud Method?

The think aloud method provides a window into the minds of learners and users. This method has uses in education, cognitive psychology, product design, engineering, and other fields. In this article, I’m focusing on how learning designers can employ the think aloud technique for usability testing. This can help us ensure our digital products are user friendly.

Usability testing refers to identifying the problems with a product or service by testing it with sample users from the target audience.

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