Training Is In Transition: Why L&D Needs To Adapt

The Workplace Has Changed And Traditional Training Needs To Adapt

While the pandemic has mostly subsided, the realities of hybrid work – and therefore hybrid learning – are here to stay. A Microsoft survey found that hybrid work will continue to be a reality, with 53% of employees considering transitioning and 38% of companies embracing the approach. This new normal creates a challenge for corporate leaders to find the right L&D balance for their organization.

So, how can L&D leaders adopt a hybrid learning strategy that brings together the best of both worlds? Not just for remote workers, but also for in-person team members who can benefit from the ease and flexibility of e-learning as a complement to on-site training. All signs suggest that it will involve embracing a hybrid strategy. Whether that’s leveling-up their current eLearning approach, or adopting a new one, our eBook provides a roadmap for leaders entering this new reality.

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