Top 10 Tools in My Personal Learning Environment 2019

Every year Jane Hart publishes a top learning tools survey to share the diverse ways people learn digitally. This annual event has grown into a fascinating yearly list of the apps and programs that people use to explore, learn, create, collaborate and share.

Why participate?

What are the benefits of participating in the survey? Like a fish in water, you may not realize the breadth of tools you use and how and why you use them. Also, responding to the survey adds data to the current state of learning. I encourage you to participate in the Top Tools for Learning 2019 Survey before it ends some time in September and to stay tuned for the results. It’s a learning process in itself.

Dimensions of Your PLE

There are three categories in the survey and the list below includes the top tools I use for personal and professional development, which I consider my personal learning environment (PLE).

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