The Power of One

When I think of phenomenal educators, Griselda Rutherford, a teacher in Washington D.C., comes to mind.  I met Griselda while facilitating a Growth Mindset Live Training workshop in her school district. Griselda took to the growth mindset, as she believes that all students are capable of remarkable growth, and began the work at her school.

When Griselda got back to her school, she immediately began implementing Brainology and growth mindset principles.  Ms. Rutherford committed to a whole school and community approach, inviting me to speak to parents about the growth mindset.  She felt it was imperative that parents receive the knowledge that had transformed her thinking and practice as an educator in order to better support the work she was embarking on with their children.  Her commitment to fostering and increasing parental engagement didn’t stop there, she also lead other activities at her school, such as a parent-child chat and chew.

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