The Advantages Of Integrating Your HRIS With eLearning Platforms

The Next Evolution Of Learning And Development

The markets for digital solutions in the Human Resource (HR) and eLearning sectors have enjoyed continuous growth over the past twenty years, and are now projected to reach $33.58 billion [1] and $375 billion [2] respectively, pre-COVID-19. With the pandemic shining a spotlight on the need for many organizations to adopt cloud-based HR and eLearning solutions, one can easily imagine growth will exceed those projections.

While many companies consider HR & Training Departments as part of the same branch in the organizational structure, the reality is that digital solutions growth in each of these markets is driven by different factors and motivations. Executives responsible for workforce training often turn to eLearning to reduce time in training and consolidate training [3] efforts, while those looking at HR software solutions are primarily motivated by recruitment and retention.

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