Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers And Supervisors: 3 Essential Upboarding Tips

Upboarding Tips For Skilling Up Virtual Team Managers

While onboarding refers to preparing employees to join the company or team, “upboarding” refers to employees staying in the same company but stepping into a new role, usually in a leadership capacity. But how is this involved with skilling up virtual team managers?

Unless there is a big lateral move involved, the new supervisor or manager probably already knows the company’s culture and general practices, but they know them from the perspective of an employee, not a supervisor or manager. To be effective in their new role, they need new knowledge, skills, and practices. If most of their work experience has been in face-to-face environments, leading a virtual team is a double whammy. Worse, in an organization that has undergone a sudden shift from face-to-face to remote working, the new manager may not personally know any mentors who can advise them on the virtual aspects of their job.

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