Ranking Tools That You Can Use For Free

SEO tools do not need to be expensive, in fact, there are a lot of free tools that are out there that you can use for your SEO campaign. SEO expert Brian Dean gives us some of the best free SEO tools for ranking that he has tested and reviewed.

Domain Hunter Plus

This is a great tool that checks if a broken link’s domain is open for registration. Most authoritative domains are always bought quickly once they become available. This can be used for broken link building. High-quality domains sometimes open up and it would be cool if you are the one who can get it for your niche. This free tool allows you to crawl hundreds of links on a web page. You will get a result showing all outbound links with an error status and informs you if the domain is available. If you want to buy a domain from among the list you can move ahead to GoDaddy so you can register them. A report can also be generated and exported as a .csv file.


This free web app gives users the ability to view any page without the enhancements. It shows you how a search engine views a page.

What you can see is an output that is pure HTML. This allows you to determine page structure and its relevance to SEO. You will get info regarding the server response code and the number of words on the page. You will also know if the URL is redirected and if it is, the kind of redirect used. H1 to H6 headings will be easily identified plus the number of internal and external links. Meta information which includes title tag, meta description and robots tag that are present will show after the analysis of the site structure.

Google Analytics

This is a must have free tool for all SEO experts. This free tool gives you the digital analytics tools that you need in order to analyze data in a variety of touchpoints and have them all in one place. You can get access to data showing which pages on your website gets the most impressions and clicks from Google. There is a CTR field that shows pages that get the best click-through rate. For those who use ads on Facebook or Google as a marketing tool, you can now know where your best visitors are located. In this way, you can now do your targeting better when asked which country or location your ad will appear on specifically.

You can also know what people are searching for on your website. This is for sites that have search boxes. This tool also helps you know if people are finding what they are looking for on your site. It will help you provide content that will cater to specific information based on these frequent searches. You will know as well if they exited your site earlier than expected, which means they did not find what they were looking for.

In-page analytics will show you what people click on the most on your website. A percentage is shown on how much an internal link is clicked on. You can discover your top content which keeps your visitors longest on your website. On the other hand, knowing your worst performing pages will help you out as well. This will give you ideas on what to improve.   

Data can be shown on where people abandon your shopping cart. If your website has too many checkout processes, then it is possible to have people abandoning your shopping cart. You can customize your payment procedure pages to find out if there are issues that you need to address like high shipping costs or too many info being asked just to proceed to checkout

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