Online rates in press release distribution

In looking at online rates in press release distribution, a company may avail of an advanced online service where search visibility is maximized by releasing the press release to highly-rated news and public relations outlets to make the client’s business organization easy to find in the web. The standard service today includes distributing the PR to high-profile news sites like Street Insider and International Business Times.

It can be noted that online distribution is not that expensive. Rates may vary but are not so much different from one web agency from another.

A business can get started for $49 per press release, under ReleaseWire, for example, that includes syndication to 350 plus media sites, news story distribution to Associated Press and major news search engines. This rate can also add multimedia data in the form of photo, audio, and video. The story can be released on the schedule of the issuing company or business.

A higher service plan for $89 per press release would include all the services mentioned above but with additional distribution to matched journalists, bloggers and media outlets, and targeted by industry, location, and topic which increase the success ratio of the press story being read and redistributed. A wider state-wide or regional US distribution is optional.

A press story issuing business or company can avail of all the services mentioned above with three press releases per month for a subscription fee of $99.

PRWeb has a higher rate and classifies its services into four: Basic, Standard, Advanced and Premium. A business that avails of the Basic can have the press release hosted permanently on the PRWeb for $99 and will appear on search engines and news sites.

Upgrading the service to Standard, the PR will be sent to thousands of news outlets for $159 and will be included in social media sharing technologies. An Advanced facility will consist of optimization for search visibility and submission to premium news sites like Street Insider and International Business Times for $249. The Premium service places the PR story at a more comprehensive visibility level in New York Times, USA Today and Associated Press and includes multimedia attachments for $369.

For large-scale and long terms projects, where a company or business needs to generate many press releases over time, the AP ENPS system can create content for a company’s broadcast or digital platforms, where press releases are combined efficiently with multimedia advertising and public relations over a specified sustained period.

Cision, which is one of the more expensive newswires starts at $5,700 annually that includes a package of services targeting professionals in the industry combined with analytics data. For maximization, the Associated Press’ ENPS News Production System can connect a press release to 65,000 users in more than 60 countries, through 900 newsrooms using 130 plus compatible technologies.

The ultimate upgrade is premium service where the press release goes to news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today and Associated Press. Besides, multimedia data in the form of images and links and video attachments will be sent to select channels to maximize the distribution and allow people to share the press release. The press release is also distributed to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other highly visible websites.

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