Empathy Maps: A Tool for Learning Experience Design

Learning experience design uses human-centered strategies and tools to develop empathy for a target audience or any group you are trying to understand. The empathy map, borrowed from user experience design, is an ideal tool for going deeper into the world of the people in your ecosystem. The concept comes from Dave Gray and his company XPLANE and is part of their human-centered design toolkit. This and other tools are explained in the book Gamestorming.

Goal of the Empathy Map

The empathy map captures and visualizes what a member of your target group might say, think, feel and do in relation to a question or event. The question can be about a situation at work, a learning experience, a process or any aspect of the target group for which you want greater insight. The goal is to improve your understanding and empathy of group members and to synthesize your observations, interviews and other research into a concrete and visual form.

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