Developing A More Inclusive eLearning Course

Create A Better Experience For Your Learners

Companies that endeavor to incorporate inclusivity when creating eLearning courses benefit in many ways. Their employees become more receptive to learning, the needless hurt or offense caused by insensitive or inappropriate language is avoided, and the overall learning experience becomes memorable and productive for the learners.

Those who don’t put a premium on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), however, risk facing backlash from their learners, increasing the likelihood of higher employee churn and the possibility of lowering team morale. According to Matt Cross, a Learning and Development specialist with Trainery, culture can impact eLearning programs in a variety of ways. He states, “If employees don’t feel represented or worse, included because of language and cultural barriers, Learning and Development programs are far less likely to achieve business goals and the desired ROI.

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