7 Top Refresher Resources To Include In Your Compliance Online Training Program

Top Refresher Resources To Bridge Knowledge Gaps

Memory is a tricky thing. Ideas have a tendency to gather dust if they’re left sitting on the shelves instead of actively recalled. As such, you need to provide your employees’ mental schema with a little nudge to improve knowledge retention. The key is to give them bite-size bursts of information that’s engaging, so that they remember the takeaways without being bored to tears. Here are some refresher resources to include in your compliance online training program. Spoiler alert: they’re cost-effective and may even be (dare I say) enjoyable for your remote workforce.

7 Ways To Refresh Compliance Know-How And Increase Engagement

1. Safety Training Scenarios

Who doesn’t love a compliance branching scenario that imparts vital health and safety know-how? Well, probably your employees. However, adding memorable characters, realistic backdrops, and practical challenges can turn things around.

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