7 Great Writing Blog Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

Blog post ideas are a dime a dozen these days, but if you are serious in building a blog that is profitable you need to learn where to get these ideas from so that your audience will read them.

Before we get to the 7 great writing blog ideas that you can share with your friends.

Here are tools you can use to get more ideas for blog topics.


This is a platform where you can ask a question and expect an answer. A great place to find inspiration for blog posts or get ideas for topics. Log in with your social media account or make a new account.

Type in a keyword in the search box and wait for the results.

Keep an eye on what people are asking and talking about, these are good indicators of what people want to see on your blog.

If you can give them more than what is available in the forum then you have a ready audience for your blog posts.


A great tool that gives you the ability to see your competitor’s posts that are doing well regarding social shares.

Access to data such as this can help you see what people in your niche want to read.

The ideas with a ton of shares will give you a concept for posts that you can create.

You can even copy an idea from your competitor and improve on their post to capture some of their audience.

Keyword Research

There are many tools that you can use for keyword research.

One of the best is Keywordtool.io, you type in your subject, and you will be given a list of keywords that you can use for blog post ideas.

Blog Title Generator

This tool from Impact Inbound can help you make broad topics into solid blog post ideas.

Input the topics you want to write about, and the tool will give you a headline that you can use to spark ideas further.

You can change the headline to your preference and save it to the notebook they provide.

A great headline can help you craft an article and fill your blog post with ease.

Here are 7 great ideas for your blog post:

Launch a Contest

This idea has been a hit on social media platforms. You don’t have to give away tons of cash, people love the chance to win free stuff.

Make your contest exciting, and your traffic can soar to new heights.

Share Stuff About Yourself

You are an interesting topic, blog posts started out as online journals so why not write posts about yourself.

Start a journal, talk about your recent hobbies and share your experience. Share your thoughts, opinions, and secrets if you are bold enough.

Interview a person

If you know a famous person, set an interview and post it on your blog.

Everyone has a story to tell, your grandfather could be a war hero, or your mom may have met the president or the queen.

Make a Top Ten List

People love to read lists, especially the “Top Ten Kind.”

Make a list related to your niche to attract an audience for your blog and possibly a loyal following.

Post Financial Advice

You can share about your monthly budget or how you were able to lower or eliminate debts.

Share tips on spending habits and wise choices in debt reduction and investments.

Share your Secret Recipe

You may have a recipe that has been passed on to you from generations past that is an absolute hit.

Share it in your blog post and engage your readers if they tried your recipe and how was the experience.

Make a Guide

To show your audience that you are an expert in your niche and build your credibility you can post a how-to guide that gives value to your readers.

People love to search for solutions to their problems, a how-to guide that one can DIY is a hot topic for your blog post.

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