5 Problems Users Have With eLearning User Interfaces

The user interface is that nebulous space where humans interact with a device or machine. Many people find this space frustrating because it’s easy to get lost or because the system doesn’t work as expected.

As designers and developers, we can make sure our audiences have smooth interactions with eLearning, mobile learning  and performance support tools. Friendly user interface design is an essential part of designing learning experiences. It can influence a user’s perception of an entire learning event. So here is a look at user interface design from the audience’s perspective.

1. I don’t want to think about the user interface.

Design the user interface so that it is transparent to your audience. It shouldn’t be an obstacle or something learners have to decipher. If everything is clean and clear and works as expected, then learners can get on with the task of learning and not waste cognitive resources thinking about how to interact.

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